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Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints

By Todd Wilbur

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If those cute little cookie peddlers aren't posted outside the market, it may be tough to get your hands on these—the most popular cookies sold by the Girl Scouts every spring. One out of every four boxes of cookies sold by the girls is Thin Mints. This hack recipe uses an improved version of the chocolate wafers created for the Oreo cookie clone in the second TSR book More Top Secret Recipes. That recipe creates 108 cookie wafers, so when you're done dipping, you'll have the equivalent of three boxes of the Girl Scout Cookies favorite. That's why you bought those extra cookie sheets, right? You could, of course, reduce the recipe by baking only one-third of the cookie dough for the wafers and then reducing the coating ingredients by one-third, giving you a total of 36 cookies. But that may not be enough to last you until next spring.

Source: Even More Top Secret Recipes by Todd Wilbur.

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Score: 4.52. Votes: 42
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Dec 8, 2014, 23:00

this was voted the best cookie at an exchange I went to. Thanks Todd!

Mar 11, 2013, 22:00

If you have a meat slicer, set it to 1/4 inch and slice cookie dough log in no time. If dough gets too sticky from warming to slice nicely, just stick in freezer again until stiff.