Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies  1993 copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur
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Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies 1993

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Score: 4.63. Votes: 158
Score: 4.63. Votes: 158
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Paula from NH
Aug 31, 2005, 22:00

The last thing you want to do is have a warm dough. Best thing to do is to chill ALL of your ingredients after you've measured them or you can chill the dough after forming them, with a scoop is recommended to avoid body heat from warming the dough. Also, 325 degrees is better for a softer cookie. Do not overbake.

Aug 29, 2005, 22:00

I have been baking these cookies for a couple years now and my sons told me to throw away my other choc. chip cookie recipes. These are a big hit with my family and friends!!

Tae Bok
Aug 17, 2005, 22:00

Love this recipe especially if you sub semi-sweet choc. chips with white choc. chips and add some macademia nuts MMMMMM

Aug 12, 2005, 22:00

When I found this recipe years ago on this site.... well, it's ALL we make now!! Adding more flour is a very good idea! Funny enough, my FAVORITE way to eat these, is that I put some dough to the side, before adding the chips, and cook them plain... they are the BEST chewy, yet a bit of crunch on the edges! They are soooooooo good this way! Thank's for the yummy good times!!

Aug 7, 2005, 22:00

My family loved this recipe and they now beg me to make it until I give in! People at my work said that these cookies were the best they've ever had! One thing to keep in mind is that the recipe does not usually turn out perfectly when one only uses 2 1/2 cups of flour---they will turn out really flat. So add at least 3 cups or more, depending on the texture of the dough (it should not be too sticky, obviously). Awesome imitation!

Aug 5, 2005, 22:00

This is the recipe that hooked me on Todd's "Top Secret Recipes". They're fantastic cookies! I use milk chocolate chips rather than semi-sweet--and sometimes I mix in peanut butter chips, too. A versatile recipe for sure!

Aug 3, 2005, 22:00

The BEST cookies I've ever made.

Jul 31, 2005, 22:00

First top secret recipe i ever made and i still always make them whenever i make cookies!! They are GREAT!!!!!!

Jul 27, 2005, 22:00

I had to add more flour and they needed an extra 5 minutes to bake out properly. The taste is great, but bake out a little flat

Jul 26, 2005, 22:00

I confess I made these cookies with a certain amount of trepidation, but, the end result was an almost exact copy of the original Mrs Field's cookies. Only make sure that the "golf sized" cookie dough balls are well spaced before placing them in the oven. Absolutely marvelous!

Items: 141150 of 158, per page