Soup Nazi's Crab Bisque copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

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Dennis Cabarle
Feb 11, 2023, 10:45
Excellent soup. I just about followed the recipe. I added lobster, shrimp, corn, and peas but pretty much added them with the recipe instructions. If you've ever had the real thing, you will really appreciate this! I've had the real thing many times and this isn't close to the real thing, THIS IS THE REAL THING! So happy I signed up for this and can't wait to try more. Thank You, Todd!
Jan 27, 2006, 22:00
If your soup needs thickening just add cornstarch and water mixture to the soup to thicken it. Very good soup.
Larry Ruckert
Sep 19, 2005, 22:00
I am a real blue crab connoisseur. I spent 60 of my years living and crabbing in Maryland. Three years ago I moved to Florida only to find other types of crab. I recently tried this recipe. I always follow a recipe to the letter it worked beautifully. Great soup, but being from MD the second time I made it I added Old Bay Spice. My family loved it. The third time I made it I spent 3 hours for two days working on it. The first day I picked the crabs and two pounds of shrimp and made the broth (include the shrimp heads with the crab shells). The second day I added the spices and started to render the broth down. After about an hour you begin to see it start to thicken and half of the crab meat and render more when it get to the thickness you want add the two pounds of shrimp turn heat off the shrimp will cook as it cools down. Now comes the hardest part _ your kitchen filled with a wonderful odor _ don
Sep 16, 2005, 22:00
I waited until my wife and daughter were out of the house before I made this. It took all day and REALLY smelled up the house. It was a pain in the a$$ until I learned how to crack the crab claws. By the time I was done, It was delicious! I brought some in for a friend and she LOVED it.
Big Mike
Sep 3, 2005, 22:00
I've made this soup, or versions of it several times. I purposely make a double batch because after my friends and family tasted it the first time, it was a hit. You definitely need to thicken with heavy (whiping) cream instead of half and half. I also used shrimp shells and crab shells from Blue Claw crabs, along with King Crab legs. I also threw in some chunks of lobster meat. Was more like a "Seafood Bisque" but was amazing! I think it helps to be somewhat adventurous with any recipe and try different ingredients that YOU like. I NEVER follow a recipe "to the letter" as "Michelle" stated. I just used the basic recipe as a sort of "guide" and was very pleased with the results. It IS an expensive soup to try and make, then wind up messing it up, or not liking the result.
Aug 5, 2005, 22:00
I think you need to use heavy cream instead of half-and-half in order to thicken the soup.