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Olive Garden Minestrone Soup copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

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Aly M.
Jan 21, 2016, 22:00
I love this soup. I always order it at Olive Garden. I've made it several times at home and every time it tasted just like Olive Garden! It's soooo good!
Jan 21, 2016, 22:00
Love Olive Garden Minestrone so I thought I 'd try this recipe. I add more beans and vegetables, but the taste is great just like OG. Tastes ever better the next day.
Sep 17, 2014, 22:00
I make this for my husband and I. He LOVES the Olive Garden version and this lives up to it. I also make the pasta separate, and make a double batch of he soup every time, freezing it into our portions. It is right on target! We love it!
Gedy Rivera
Feb 25, 2013, 22:00
It was okay but not the same as Olive Garden's recipe. Bummer. :(
May 31, 2010, 22:00
My daughter LOVES Olive Garden's Minestrone Soup, I've tried other recipes with no luck. This one is right on, she likes extra noodles so I cook my noodles seperate and than add them to the soup, she LOVES it. I freeze it and now she can have it anytime without going out. Thanks Todd for another GREAT recipe, keep it up.
Cindy M
May 17, 2006, 22:00
My family loves this soup. I thought it was thicker than Olive Garden's soup which was a plus for me. I actually liked it more than Olive Garden's.
Maria B
Mar 10, 2006, 22:00
Delicious soup... we New Englanders love got soup on a cold winter afternoon and this was great. Nurses at work raved about the recipe!!! Success again for Top Secret Recipes!!!
Kim F.
Dec 16, 2005, 22:00
My family and I thought my first attempt at a TSR was not quite the same as Olive Garden's original recipe, but we all really enjoyed it! Yum!