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Ratings and Reviews of McDonald's Big Mac

Score: 4.82 (votes: 44)
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Suzi H
May 29, 2016, 22:00
My pet peeve is restaurants that change or remove my favorite item from their menu. This has happened a lot, so I decided to find a clone for the Big Mac. We had this last night and it was perfection! We both loved the results, and I'm off to the store to buy more ground beef this morning! Todd, If you can clone those greasy Jack in the Box tacos, I'd be forever grateful!
Feb 2, 2016, 22:00
Better than a proper Big Mac
Jan 20, 2016, 22:00
I like a few others suffer from stomach pains after any form of McDonalds burger, not sure what causes it but it means I very rarely eat them, even though I love a good dirty burger! This recipe is fantastic, I can't believe how good the patties themselves were using just plain 5% fat ground beef. I used Thousand Island dressing but next time will make it complete. Without doubt the best burger I've ever had!
Sep 4, 2015, 22:00
Usually, when we make burgers at home, it's the standard beef and BLT with cheese. I was craving a Big Mac and Googled it, which took me here. This is the only way I'm having a burger at home anymore! The only changes I made was I added bacon, an extra slice of cheese and a dollop of sauce to the top bun. AWESOME!!!!!
Apr 13, 2015, 22:00
And it is better than the Big Mac. Feeling sorry for the lads who think it is not better...but I like my food fresh, and think that if McDonalds made their stuff with better quality ingredients and the sandwiches were fresh, this would be it.
Apr 3, 2015, 22:00
This burger taste better than a Mc Donald's burgers! My new favorite burger to make at home!
Mar 28, 2015, 22:00
I made it just like this, however, I added 1/4 tsp. onion powder, 1/4 tsp. garlic powder, and 1/4 tsp. paprika. It tastes exactly the same as Mcdonalds!
BoB Guzinya
Feb 26, 2015, 22:00
This is spot on, I added 1/2 teaspoon of mustard powder, 1/2 teaspoon of paprika and 1 teaspoon of garlic powder.... everything else was fine and I used the dried minced onions from the spice section of the market, but with these you really need to let it sit 24hours or more.
Dec 21, 2014, 22:00
To the reviewer below named Karen who gets stomach aches after eating McDonald's Big Mac, I always got stomach cramps & diarrhea after eating McDonalds burgers as well. I've heard it's because they keep their patties in a warming drawer where they get exposed to bacteria. Who knows...But without fail I would get stomach aches after eating at McDonalds. Blech!
Aug 10, 2014, 22:00
As a child Big Mac's were always my favorite. Sometimes I crave them, but at my age of 50 years old now...every time I eat one I get the worst stomach ache. Now, I can make my own. Delicious! And no stomach ache- thanks