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Applebee's Low-Fat Blackened Chicken Salad copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

Ratings and Reviews of Applebee's Low-Fat Blackened Chicken Salad & Honey Mustard Dressing

Score: 4.93 (votes: 14)
Rating of votes (14)
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Sep 25, 2013, 22:00
Loved the honey mustard dressing...the chicken was full of flavor and I added a few veggies, cucumbers, carrots, some croutons and next time... bacon. Thanks for the recipe...thought I was having a restaurant style salad...
Jul 31, 2008, 22:00
This is the best! I could not believe how good this was and exactly like the restaraunt version!
Bob Dean
Jul 8, 2008, 22:00
In a word... simply brillant! OK, two words! Great recipe, thanks!
Lisa Lopez
Jun 8, 2008, 22:00
I made this for dinner today. It was great! It was satisfying and filling. Can't wait to try the other recipes. Thanks!!!!
miss sue
Nov 8, 2007, 22:00
Thank you thank you thank you...I really enjoyed this as much as the "original"
Sep 23, 2007, 22:00
We love spicy foods and this chicken is the best. I found that marinating overnight "cooks" the chicken too much, because of the lime. Four hours is perfect.
Patsy Yarbrough
May 7, 2007, 22:00
I love this recipe. The only way I change it is I put more onion powder and less garlic. YUMMY
Jan 9, 2007, 22:00
I think this recipe is awesome!!!! I love eating it at Applebee's and now I love eating it at home :)
Patty Young
Apr 11, 2006, 22:00
With everyone watching calories, this is the best recipe for dinner with friends. When I don't have time, I just use dressing I have on hand rather then make my own. Thanks for making this best kept secret available to us!
Jan 30, 2006, 22:00
I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious this recipe was. I did have to make a special trip to the store for some of the more random ingredients, but it was well worth it. I used my George Foreman, instead of grilling on the barbeque, and the chicken turned out fine. I highly recommend this meal to anyone!