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Applebee's Chicken Fajita Roll-up copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

Ratings and Reviews of Applebee's Chicken Fajita Roll-up

Score: 4.87 (votes: 15)
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Oct 12, 2015, 22:00
This is awesome and in my opinion even better then Applebee's because the flavors are fresh and sharp. Have made it multiple times and it's a hit with my family!
Anonymous reviewer
Mar 14, 2015, 22:00
I made chicken fajita roll up today, it was so good.I could not believe myself that it tasted just like Applebee's . Will make it again
Ben Lipinski
Mar 23, 2014, 22:00
AWESOME! I have always loved this at Applebee's and tried making it the other night and it was spot on! The Mexi-ranch dipping sauce is unbelievable and I might just make it alone for other things! Thanks on!
Oct 29, 2013, 22:00
This is at the top of the list of family favorites. There is a lot of prep work, but it is so worth it. The chicken is so flavorable and moist. The sauce is very good. I make my own pico de gallo. Thank you, Todd!!
Oct 26, 2008, 22:00
This is absolutely the BEST ever!! I love this item on Applebee's menu but this is so much better than that!!! It does have a bit of prep work but is it ever worth it. I used pickled jalapeno instead of fresh since I'm not wild about fresh jalapenos. This is the first recipe that I've purchased from your site but I am going to try more. Thanks for adding a new item to my family's list of favorites!!!
Tam Vas
Feb 29, 2008, 22:00
Absolutely the best roll up my family & I have ever tasted! I feel it tastes a lot better than Applebee's!
Jan 2, 2008, 22:00
Made this recipe today. It hit the spot

the chicken marinade would be great for chicken skewers or any other mexican flavored dish. I will definitely do this recipe again.
Aug 20, 2006, 22:00
This has become a favorite in my family. We will even just use the marinade and grill chicken for dinner. The only problem is the large amount of prep work with the pico and the sauce. If you don't have the time to prep, store-bought pico works just fine.
Mar 24, 2006, 22:00
I always order this when I go to Applebees and I was pleasantly surprised how similar it turned out! The marinade for the chicken was incredible and easy to whip up! The sauce and pico de gallo take some time to prepare, but are well worth the effort. I am a sauce person, and this rollup was so good, it stands up all on its own without any sauce! Loved it! Thanks so much for the recipe!
Jan 29, 2006, 22:00
I was just looking for a new recipe and saw this one listed. We have used this recipe for years. It is my husand's favorite dinner. We went to Applebee's a few years ago and were very disappointed with their Chicken Fajita Roll-up's. This recipe is SOOOO much better.