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Taco Bell Burrito Supreme copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

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karen rohrbach
May 11, 2020, 10:39
This is amazing! My whole family loves it and it has gone into the permanent dinner rotation. Thanks for all the great clones. Love the site
Nov 4, 2008, 22:00
If you really want to make it like they do at Taco Bell, you need to arrange the ingredients in strips and roll in such a way that your first bite is all sour cream, your second bite is all sauce, your third is all beans... etc.

Todd, I've been following TSR for many years now... you rock.
Sep 9, 2008, 22:00
I LOVE TACO BELL!!! It's my favorite place to eat! this was one of my favorite items, and it was just GREAT to be able to make one of my favorites at home that tasted almost IDENTICAL!! Everyone in my family LOVED it! I'M new to the site but I will start making more of these recipes as soon as I can!
Aug 14, 2008, 22:00
i worked at taco bell at my school (sdsu) and their beans are dried and they mix it with boiling water and thus they become pretty thin in consistency... so i'd suggest adding about half a cup of water to the canned refried beans before microwaving... it's a better match to the taco bell's burrito in consistency. i'm a vegetarian, so i didn't try the burrito but the ingredients sound pretty close.
Dec 14, 2007, 22:00
I used to work at taco bell and its not yellow onions, it's white onions. And the tortilla is 10.5 inch - if you can find them.

And this is the order the burrito supreme goes in: (MAKE SURE TO PUT IT IN THE MIDDLE.)



Red Sauce

Ground Beef


Sour Cream




And the way to wrap it is:

Take the bottom part of the tort. and fold it to the top, pull back the tort, with the ingredients, grab the right end of the tort fold over to the middle, fold over the little left over corner, roll the burrito upward (bottom of the burrito should look like it was tucked in.) It keeps the bottom of the buritto from falling out.
Oct 2, 2007, 22:00
Add Thousand Island (Kraft) salad dressing and real bacon bits and you have the cheeseburger burrito supreme that Taco Bell used to have
Jane & Ken
May 18, 2007, 22:00
Not only did it taste just like Taco Bell Burrito Supreme, it was fun to make, I always wonder what the spices were it is so good at Taco Bell every time, and I can make it at home. Thanks!
Jan 19, 2007, 22:00
Very close to the original!! I added 2 tsp of cumin powder to the mixture and it tasted more like the original.
Dec 10, 2006, 22:00
In a word...F A N T A S T I C !!!

Thank you so much! Love your book!!
May 28, 2006, 22:00
I cook a lot, but wasn't able to create a burrito my teenage daughters really liked. Their eyes lit up with this one!