Orange Julius Orange Julius copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur
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Orange Julius Orange Julius

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Score: 4.56. Votes: 90
Score: 4.56. Votes: 90
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Dec 8, 2017, 00:52

As someone who managed an Orange Julius for many years I can tell you this recipe is not even close. Our ingredients came in two separate bags, each assembled in different factories. No one knew exactly what was in the entire recipe. But I will tell you there were far more flavors than just vanilla and the sweetener and thickener was absolutely not powdered sugar, which I have tried and was disgustingly sweet. This recipe is not what we made. It is not close to what we made.

Jan 5, 2016, 22:00

This tastes a bit like the Orange Julius drinks I had when I was a kid but it lacks the body and "Ooomph" of the original. The major difference: Egg YOLKS not whites. Use one whole egg and three egg yolks instead of just the whites. THAT's the taste of an Orange Julius!!!

Dec 30, 2015, 22:00

We lived in a remote coastal town in Oregon & had to drive an hour to get an Orange Julius, so it was a real treat on weekends. like many others here, I altered it to fit my recollection using 1-1/2 cups original Sunny D, 3/4 c milk, 1/4 cup liquid vanilla or plain creamer, 1/4 cup sugar, tsp vanilla. It was excellent w/out eggs. I also increased the ice to about 2 cups. Very frothy. Delish! My teens loved it.

Texan Gal Kathy
Aug 23, 2015, 22:00

Was craving an Orange Julius and found this recipe. Made exactly as the recipe called for. Next time I will reduce water by 1/2 and increase ice. Husband and I both LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing

May 31, 2015, 22:00

I used fresh squeezed oj and didn't add any water. Just the cubes, an entire white of an egg, and a tbsp of powdered sugar. Extremely frothy! And very good.

May 31, 2015, 22:00

In the Dominican Republic Morir So_ando (look it up) is what this drink is called. Don't know if that's the origin of orange Julius drink. I've added vanilla flavor coffee creamer to mine. Really tasty but I'm going to try to lighten it up and try vanilla almond milk or soy milk and try it. I also like the vanilla yogurt idea. Btw, for added flavor is also added orange powdered Tang mix.

Apr 21, 2015, 22:00

I don't drink these but my husband does and he said it "hit the mark". High praise for him. The kids all liked it too.

Feb 17, 2015, 22:00

this was an ok thing. i did it the first time just like the recipe said and it was blah...then i added milk and heavy cream :) mmm..soo good ;)

Feb 9, 2015, 22:00

Boy does this bring back memories. Thank you so much or the recipe it's awesome!

Sep 10, 2014, 22:00

I love orange julius and this recipe fits the bill. Now, I can have anytime I want it and it costs a lot less too.

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