Olive Garden Minestrone Soup copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur
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Olive Garden Minestrone Soup

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Score: 4.00. Votes: 11
Score: 4.00. Votes: 11
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Nov 18, 2019, 11:28

Disappointed! Poor reproduction of Olive Garden’s minestrone soup; bland and tasteless. I was able to salvage by adding tomato paste, dash of sugar, and additional seasonings.

Aly M.
Jan 21, 2016, 22:00

I love this soup. I always order it at Olive Garden. I've made it several times at home and every time it tasted just like Olive Garden! It's soooo good!

Jan 21, 2016, 22:00

Love Olive Garden Minestrone so I thought I 'd try this recipe. I add more beans and vegetables, but the taste is great just like OG. Tastes ever better the next day.

Jan 12, 2016, 22:00

I loved the way this soup came out. My only critism is that the time estimate is all off. It says this takes 30 minutes but when you add the prep time, time it takes to boil and the 2 - 20 minute steps it takes at least an hour. Still it was worth the time. Tasted great

Sep 17, 2014, 22:00

I make this for my husband and I. He LOVES the Olive Garden version and this lives up to it. I also make the pasta separate, and make a double batch of he soup every time, freezing it into our portions. It is right on target! We love it!

Gedy Rivera
Feb 25, 2013, 22:00

It was okay but not the same as Olive Garden's recipe. Bummer. :(

May 31, 2010, 22:00

My daughter LOVES Olive Garden's Minestrone Soup, I've tried other recipes with no luck. This one is right on, she likes extra noodles so I cook my noodles seperate and than add them to the soup, she LOVES it. I freeze it and now she can have it anytime without going out. Thanks Todd for another GREAT recipe, keep it up.

Cindy M
May 17, 2006, 22:00

My family loves this soup. I thought it was thicker than Olive Garden's soup which was a plus for me. I actually liked it more than Olive Garden's.

Maria B
Mar 10, 2006, 22:00

Delicious soup... we New Englanders love got soup on a cold winter afternoon and this was great. Nurses at work raved about the recipe!!! Success again for Top Secret Recipes!!!

Kim F.
Dec 16, 2005, 22:00

My family and I thought my first attempt at a TSR was not quite the same as Olive Garden's original recipe, but we all really enjoyed it! Yum!

Items: 110 of 11, per page