Nabisco Chips Ahoy! copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur
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Nabisco Chips Ahoy!

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Score: 2.89. Votes: 9
Score: 2.89. Votes: 9
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Mar 20, 2015, 22:00

Followed this recipe to the "T". Texture was fine, just like Chipes Ahoy. Taste wise...not so much! Cookie taste nothing like the real one's. Really didn't taste good and is very greasy. All you can taste is shortening.

Oct 6, 2014, 22:00

Really hard cookie. not even close

May 20, 2014, 22:00

Nancy is right! Cream the shortening and sugars for about 5 min, and use the exact measurements. This is now my forever chocolate chip cookie recipe! Enjoy!

Jan 20, 2014, 22:00

I made these once for christmas. I followed the recipe to the letter, but they turned out hard as a rock. Here's why: I didn't cream the shortening and sugars long enough. In a recipe I found called, "perfect chocolate chip cookies", I read that you are supposed to cream the shortening and/or sugars together at least 3 minutes to incorporated air into the batter, making it light. That is my tip to you. I now do this with every chocolste chip cookie I make.

Catherine Nguyen
Jan 10, 2014, 22:00

If you have baking skills and can follow directions and be precise with your measurements, you'll love this recipe. Very addicting so beware!

Oct 7, 2013, 22:00

I made these for my daughter's teen friends, and they were nearly gone. I am not sure if they taste like the bought cookies, because I only make homemade cookies, but they are very good.

Sep 11, 2013, 22:00

not even close!! cookies are too hard. what a waste of ingredients!

Jul 31, 2013, 22:00

The first comment didn't make me want to make it, but since there was only one comment, I decided to make it. It tasted exactly like the real thing! The first comment is a joke! I recommend you try this recipe. I couldn't stop eating it

Jul 18, 2013, 22:00

Not even close, to much oil cookies all went flat an hard what a joke.