DiSaronno Amaretto copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur
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Disaronno Amaretto

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Score: 4.88. Votes: 25
Score: 4.88. Votes: 25
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Oct 11, 2007, 22:00

This recipe is a great recipe for making your own amaretto. It is very close to Disaronno, but not exactly the same. I made this and taste tested both together. The Disaronno has more of a deeper flavor, smell, and texture. While this recipe has a sweeter taste, smell, and lighter texture. If you drink it straight on the rocks, you might be able to tell a small difference between them. I used Smirnoff vodka. All together it cost around $5 to make this! A great alternative to buying the real thing.

Mar 28, 2007, 22:00

WOW! This is the best recipe to come along since Kahlua and Irish Cream! Never again will I buy Amaretto. I've even gotten a few "this is better than the original" comments.

Mar 13, 2007, 22:00

Excellent! We always keep a batch of this made up, ready for sipping. The flavors seem to blend a little better if you use a mid-priced Vodka. Don't use the cheapest stuff, but don't waste the expensive stuff either.

Jan 20, 2007, 22:00

Superb! With the almond extract I had, I would probably use a tad less the next time, because it left just a little too much aftertaste. Otherwise, I had a friend, whose favourite is DiSaronno, try it out, and he said that he wouldn't know the difference.

Carl Palumbo
Mar 10, 2006, 22:00

I prefer my Ameretto a little stronger like my uncle Victor makes, but otherwise this replica is great, I know people who brew their own liquor from scratch and this is a very impressive and tasty recipe for so little work and it is so simple!

Jan 9, 2006, 22:00

I have made this several times, and it tastes so very close to the original, everybody loves it! I make it and put it in pretty bottles with a little raffia around the neck of the bottle, and give it as a gift.

Wonder Woman
Dec 2, 2005, 22:00

I love DiSaronno and this is a great replica! I would give it TEN stars if I could. What a money saver this recipe is.

Nov 16, 2005, 22:00

Just made this and thought it was ok. Have never had Di Saronno before, but have had other ameretto. I have to say it was a bit too sweet, and didn't have that kick, but it was ok.

Oct 31, 2005, 22:00

I love amaretto...and this is wonderful!

Oct 25, 2005, 22:00

This clone is as close as you are going to get to the orriginal. The only change I might consider, would be a bit less sugar. Otherwise great!!

Items: 1120 of 25, per page