Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wings and Sauces copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur
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Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wings and Sauces

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Score: 4.58. Votes: 43
Score: 4.58. Votes: 43
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Steve K -
Oct 17, 2005, 22:00

Sorry for the shameless plug - I had REAL BDUB's Spicy Garlic just last week, so when this recipe came, I was very excited. GREAT CLONE! I can't wait for the next BROWNS PARTY....

Bobby Peru
Oct 16, 2005, 22:00

These were the best! There are no Buffalo Wild Wings in the LA area, but my girlfriend from Chicago raves about them. Now I see why - they were even better than the best place here in LA. I thought the egg-emulsifying step was a little tricky, but it made the dish!

Ida Brown
Oct 16, 2005, 22:00

Awesome recipe!!!! My whole family loved the sauce for the wings. Super!!!!

Magic6979 aka M. Strate @ Hoskins NE.
Oct 15, 2005, 22:00

SOOOO.....Close! And cheaper than the real thing. The Kids loved helping to make them. Crispier is better, though. Apparently, J.T. Anderson and Steve must be TERRIBLE Cooks, as this is a very FINE effort. If they are worried about the things of which they descibe, they SHOULD NOT have tried this very fine recipe.

Lorna Jones
Oct 14, 2005, 22:00

This recipe is the greatest. I love chicken wings cooked any way, but this is the best.

The Crippler
Oct 13, 2005, 22:00

Awesome recipe - worked well and easy to prepare!!!!!

jeff poplawski
Oct 11, 2005, 22:00

GREAT RECIPE one of the BEST you have had!!!!!

Otis Monroe
Oct 11, 2005, 22:00

An excellent recipe!! Bravo!

Oct 11, 2005, 22:00


Oct 11, 2005, 22:00

Great recipe! I have been waiting for a BWW recipe to come available, because that is my husband's favorite sports bar! Thanks so much!

Items: 2130 of 43, per page