Top Secret Recipes Club

TSR Club Frequently Asked Questions

I subscribed to the TSR Club, now what? Browse through our catalog of recipes. Click “Unlock Secret Recipe .79 cents” to open (unlock) and view the recipe. If there is no "Unlock Secret Recipe" button, then either you have already opened the recipe or it is free. Purchased recipes will also be added to your online recipe box which can be found under "My Account". Charges renew automatically each month, however, unclaimed recipes do not roll over from month to month. Be sure to check your free recipe status in “My Account” often.

If I don’t get all 8 free recipes in one month in the TSR Club, will the unclaimed recipes roll over to the next month? Every month is a fresh start with 8 free recipes. Unclaimed free recipes do not roll over from month to month so be sure to check your free recipe status in My Account or in your cart.

Where are my recipes stored? Paid recipes go directly into your online recipe box which can be found in your account under the tab called “Recipe Box”. You can view your recipes anytime from your electronic device or print copies as you need them as described in our terms and conditions. 

Can free recipes be saved? Only paid recipes can be saved to your online recipe box.

How often do you add new recipes that are free in the TSR Club? We are now adding 1 or 2 brand-new recipes every week to Top Secret Recipes. These are first-release, never-published, original recipes created exclusively by Todd Wilbur for this website. When you unlock the recipes here they will instantly be added to your recipe box, and you won’t have to wait for them to be printed in a book.

How will I know when new recipes are released? Make sure you subscribe to the Top Secret Recipes Newsletter to be the first to find out about new recipes when they debut.

How many recipes on Top Secret Recipes are pay recipes? There are over 1000 recipes on, each one of them created by Todd Wilbur. Many of the recipes are free, and approximately half of them cost 79¢ to unlock.

Why can't I use PayPal to purchase the TSR Club subscription? Unfortunately, PayPal doesn't work for renewable subscription plans. If your cart includes a TSR Club Subscription, you will have to use a credit card to check out.   

How do I upgrade my TSR Club account from monthly to yearly? You can manage your TSR Club subscription in My Account.

What if I want to cancel my subscription? You can cancel a monthly subscription anytime from this link in your account, and you will still be able to use your 8 remaining recipes for the month. 

Is signing up for the newsletter the same as signing up for the Club? No, the newsletter lets you know when new recipes are available. The TSR Club offers a discount on paid recipes.

Can I purchase more than one subscription to the TSR Club? To purchase a second subscription, you will need to create a second account with a separate email.