Rao's Homemade Marinara Sauce copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

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Sherman S
Nov 5, 2022, 17:25
Lived in Italy (Sicily) four years. This is so close to my landlords sauce (no sugar in theirs, whole carrot cleaned and cut into fourth or thirds). And one other thing... the basil does not get added to simmer down... it is added directly after removing from the heat and to serve. It will retain more of its aromatic punch. Nonetheless I made it per Todd's directions and still rate it 5 stars. I use this sauce for my Sicilian style eggplant Parmesan wich is not breaded or fried, 100% baked.
John McFalls
Jun 3, 2022, 10:59
I've been making my own sauce for 20 years and it is very good. I tried this recipe just for the fun of it and was blown away by how incredibly delicious it is. Also way more simple than how I make mine. I will use this recipe every time now. Absolutely amazing!!!!
Vicki Gilbert
Oct 5, 2021, 17:54
I was quite skeptical this would even taste near the same as the jarred. I have to say, this is SPOT ON! I was blown away of how good it is. I am terrible for increasing ingredients or decreasing to my own taste. But I followed this to a T and wouldn't change a thing about it. Thank you so very much for this recipe!
Koreena Ralston
Jan 11, 2021, 18:32
This is delicious!! The fresh ingredients and the cracked pepper just send it over the top. Bonus, the house smells AMAZING! I had plenty for dinner for two and another freezer meal for later.
Tom Fox
Apr 25, 2020, 18:40
Wow, this was great! I have never made homemade sauce before, and while it might take a bit more time and effort, it certainly tastes better than something from a jar. I was happy to find the right kind of tomatoes, and if that was the secret to the flavor, then it was worth tracking them down. I will definitely make this again.