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Outback Steakhouse Bloomin Onion  1997 copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

Ratings and Reviews of Outback Steakhouse Bloomin Onion & Remoulade Sauce

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Koreena Ralston
Mar 1, 2021, 12:50
Finally, after all these years I actually hit a recipe that was an epic fail, for me. This was nowhere near the same taste as the one at Outback, IMO. It was too spicy to eat. I don't know what happened but even my husband ran for a glass of milk. I measured everything carefully and followed the directions to a T. It was the onion, not the sauce that was much too spicy. I actually ended up tossing it after eating one petal each. I used Penzey's spices if it matters to anyone and maybe the cayenne is just too intense ? *shrug*
sandra wilson
Aug 19, 2019, 05:15
This is a very good recipe but the better onion to use is a large white onion ( it's firmer) and after cutting it soak onion in a bowl of ice water. Then drain and continue on with recipe.
Mar 8, 2015, 22:00
I slice my onion then microwave until onion is halfway cooked. Then dry off batter fry works like a charm.
Joey Davies
Aug 20, 2012, 22:00
Would be better if it was a wet batter. Couldn't get the onion to open up. Or get the mix to stick to it. And tasted nothing like the original.