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Maid-Rite Loose Meat Sandwich copycat recipe by Todd Wilbur

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Sep 13, 2005, 22:00
All looks good except our Maid-rite steams the buns and they sprinkle a mixture of Accent and salt to each sandwich after preparing.

If msg bothers you, you have to ask for "no salt". They use the same "salt" on their onion rings and fries. That's why they are so good.

They also use dehydrated, or rehydrated onion instead of fresh. This makes a totally different taste too.
Patricia Sitton
Sep 13, 2005, 22:00
Having spent two weeks every summer in a small town called Ladora, IA not too far from Marshalltown, we would make two trips to a Maid Rite Stand. The first trip was for lunch the day after we arrived and the second was right before we left. This recipe is the same as the one my aunt gave me about 12 years ago on a trip back. I even called my aunt to ask if she knew of coca cola being used in the recipe and she did not. Great job!
Sandi McBride
Sep 13, 2005, 22:00
Good grief Tish, why mess with success? This is a keeper for sure, but will leave off your "improvements"
Sep 11, 2005, 22:00
I made a few changes to this recipe. First, I used a package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix instead of the broth. Because of this, I increased the water by about 2/3 cup - give or take a few tablespoons. I also added a dash of MSG (Accent) just to make the flavor "pop". Near the end of the cooking time, when just about all of the liquid was gone, I placed my buns atop the meat to let them steam. Finally, I topped a 2 of the burgers with a couple slices of real American cheese. Absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! This one's a keeper for sure!