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McDonald's Shamrock Shake Coycat Recipe
McDonald's Shamrock Shake
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Drink
Calories: 550
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.3 (38 reviews)

It's easy to recreate the flavors of McDonald's annual St. Patrick's Day shake using only four ingredients. The two that make this holiday shake special are the mint extract and green food coloring. Make sure your extract says "mint" and not "peppermint". And if you don't care to have shakes that are green like the real ones, you can forego the food coloring.

Update 3/14/17: For a thicker, mintier shake add only 1 cup of milk. If your blender can't mix it up, add 1/4 cup of milk at a time until it blends. Also, the new Shamrock Shakes have whipped cream and a cherry on top.   

Source: Top Secret Recipes: Sodas, Smoothies, Spirits & Shakes by Todd Wilbur.

2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 1/4 cups low-fat milk
1/4 teaspoon mint extract (not peppermint)
8 drops green food coloring

1. Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until smooth. Stop the blender to stir with a spoon if necessary to help blend the ice cream.

2. Pour into two 12-ounce cups and serve each with a straw.

Serves 2.

Pretty Good
Submitted on: 03/09/16
Did this as a group cooking activity with some middle schoolers and they all loved it! I did only put 1 cup of milk in it because it seemed thin when I made it at home before. Other than that, it turned out really well!
Shamrock Shake
Submitted on: 03/04/16
This recipe turned out good. Like the previous commenters mentioned, I would use a little less than the recommended amount of milk (if using skim). I also added a tad more mint extract. Using the 1/8 spoon wasn't enough so I added about 1/16 more. Otherwise I would follow the same amount of ice cream recommended...that suffices!! Thanks alot. 🍀 Happy nearly St. Patty's Day!
Submitted on: 03/01/16
I am not really a fan of Mc D's shakes as a general rule, but I do enjoy a shamrock shake now and again. To the people complaining about the thickness, McDonald's shakes are fairly runny to begin with, at least when compared to a handmade shake from a diner. To fix this, simply use a higher fat content milk. I used homo. You could also use half-and-half. Be sure to use a GOOD QUALITY ice cream and up the quantity a bit. Lastly, don't over blend it. It is great!
Tastes like the real mcoy.
Maya Laforce  
Submitted on: 02/24/16
Impressed with the recipe...
Submitted on: 05/28/15
It is great!
ronald mcdonald  
Submitted on: 03/30/15
its nothing like the real thing!!!!!!!
micky D's shamrock shake
Submitted on: 03/23/15
People ard saying both super good and terrible. I myself made this for my wife and I, who LOVES these McDonalds shamrock shakes. First off I used the mint extract (not the peppermint). Same amount of ice cream as called for and 2% milk, it was more runny then expected so I added 2 cups more of the ice cream along with 1\4 tsp. of more mint extract. My peeps that didnt like it, oh well. But I do have to say when adding the cool whip or dream whip with Manchino cherry, Perfect to the taste of a real shamro
Great and Tastey!
Submitted on: 03/23/15
This was very good! I used peppermint and it tasted like the real thing! I highly recommend it!
Submitted on: 03/20/15
Really good, I used peppermint instead of mint, still delicious :)
Submitted on: 03/20/15
It taste pretty close to the real thing but it could have been the ice cream I used but u have to be careful on the mint
So refreshing
Submitted on: 03/17/15
Ice cream, milk and mint, how can you go wrong! Even the kids can make this one and it turns out great every time! Thanks Todd!!!
Cheesey dude  
Submitted on: 02/26/15
I tried this recipe, it was so minty I had to spit it out. It is o horrible! Don't try it!
Submitted on: 02/19/15
I used vanilla extract and added 5 peppermints could not tell the difference from a real one.
Minty Good
Mint and Peppermint!!  
Submitted on: 03/23/14
Very good! Used mint and peppermint and it turned out great! Tasted exactly like a Shamrock Shake
Submitted on: 03/22/14
this recipe was amazing! i of course love it so i really loved it!
Not even close!
Submitted on: 03/18/14
Followed directions to the "T", tried two batches,does not live up to it's name. It's fine if you are not expecting the real thing.
Shamrock Shake
Submitted on: 03/18/14
It was spectacular! Tasted just like the real thing. Most people are complaining about the thickness. What I did was add 3 cups of ice cream instead of 2 and it was really satisfying.
Submitted on: 03/15/14
This is really good my kids really loved it!!!
Rumchata Shamrock Shake
Sarah G  
Submitted on: 03/13/14
I just substituted the Rumchata as the milk. Makes a really great adult drink that tastes fantastic as well. You should definitely try it.
Shamrock Shake
Leah Lohse  
Submitted on: 03/11/14
We are making smoothies in class and this is the perfect way to make a shamrock shake. My teacher has to buy a lot of ice cream. LOL
Submitted on: 03/09/14
i made this with pure peppermint extract and it was delicious, the thickness was a bit off but still very good! :)
Submitted on: 02/23/14
Made this for my 13 year old. There was a little bit left, I thought I would try it and WOW, loved it. I used a mint/peppermint extract and its a perfect match for the McDonald's Shamrock Shake. YUMMY
mc donalds shamrock shake
Submitted on: 02/23/14
i made this shake for me and my dad and we loved it we made a second round for us it was great we both loved it.
Submitted on: 02/19/14
i didn't have mint extract so i used peppermint. and it was HEAVEN!!! please try it. you will be glad you did!
Valentine's Day Bliss
Submitted on: 02/15/14
Made a shake for my wife and I to cap off Valentine's Day and we Loved the taste; tasted alot like McDonald's Shamrock Shake.
I'd use frozen milk
Submitted on: 02/13/14
Too much milk--way too runny. I froze milk into ice cubes to make it thicker. Not sweet enough. Added 1/2 tsp. stevia.
Tastes like toothpaste
Submitted on: 02/12/14
I followed the exact recipe and it tasted so awful I had to spit it out. Very disappointed. :(
Submitted on: 02/11/14
It has the same taste as mcdonalds, but it is a little difficult getting the right thickness
Submitted on: 12/31/13
I thought the shamrock shake was good -it had a good taste. This really tasted like mcdonalds milkshake. I think if you haven't tried it yet - you should.
It is awesome
Submitted on: 11/10/13
This tastes so like the shake at McDonald's there seems like no difference except that it is homemade
Tastes good..
Submitted on: 10/03/13
Tastes very similar. I use a little less milk and would recommend even going to mcds and getting some plain vanilla ice cream from them, to make the shake, it'd be soo good. But overall handy recipe. Love it.
Love it!
Submitted on: 09/02/13
Tastes almost exactly like McDonalds Shamrock Shake, and I can get it any season!
This is very good!
Submitted on: 05/27/13
This tastes more like the Shamrock shake than I thought it would. Definitely would try this recipe again! Love it!
Eh, Its Alright
Submitted on: 03/22/13
Definitely does not taste like McDonalds' Shamrock Shake. There's too much milk so it doesn't have a shake-like consistency. It does taste like mint but never would I think this is something that would satisfy my Shamrock Shake craving when it's out of season.
Ameer Hammod  
Submitted on: 03/16/13
Tastes exactly the same like McDonald's. :)
Taste just like it
Submitted on: 03/13/12
Mint extract instead of peppermint is definitely the one to use. Results will depend on the ice cream you use. At the place they say add extract flavored syrups to non fat vanilla ice creams to make their shakes. End result is the same.
Submitted on: 02/24/09
This is one of my favorites at McDonalds, now I can make it all year long.
Submitted on: 11/08/05
I like it.