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In-N-Out Double-Double Copycat Recipe
In-N-Out Double-Double
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Sandwich
Calories: 690
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.0 (52 reviews)

This is a recipe for making a homegrown clone of what I believe is the best hamburger in the world. The ingredients are fresh, and simple and the stacking order is crucial. Certainly one of the secrets to duplicating this and other fast food burgers is getting the beef patties super thin—about 1/4 inch-thick. If you like, you can press the ground beef into uniform shapes onto wax paper and freeze the patties ahead of time. Freezing makes the thin patties easier to handle and they will hold their shape better. As for the secret sauce, Kraft thousand island dressing will do.

Source: Top Secret Recipes by Todd Wilbur.

1 plain hamburger bun
1/3 pound ground beef
Pinch salt
1 tablespoon Kraft thousand island dressing
1 large tomato slice (or 2 small slices)
1 large lettuce leaf
2 slices real American cheese
1 whole onion slice (sliced thin)

1. Preheat a saute pan over medium heat.

2. Lightly toast the both halves of the hamburger bun, face down in the pan. Set aside.

3. Separate the beef into two even portions, and form each half into a thin patty slightly larger than the bun.

4. Lightly salt each patty and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on the first side.

5. Flip the patties over and immediately place one slice of cheese on each one. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

6. Assemble the burger in the following stacking order from the bottom up:

bottom bun
beef patty with cheese
onion slice
beef patty with cheese
top bun.

Makes 1 hamburger.

Goodbye In n out and your nasty ingredients.
Submitted on: 02/26/16
Loved In n Out until I read they use palm oil and cottenseed oil... Worst things you could put in your body right there. Making these at home is way better for you. I make mine protein style. So good.
In-N-Out Double-Double
Ginny Liz  
Submitted on: 05/20/15
Moving out of the In-N-Out area I was greatful for this recipe. . However, something just missed as far as I could see. Maybe it just tastes better when they do the cooking. I started making Utah fry sauce instead of the Thousand Island dressing and like it better. Thanks for giving us our favorites when we aren't in a location to visit the restaurant.
CLOSE, but...
Submitted on: 03/02/15
My father was asked to be a partner when Store #2 was opened. This was about the time Bob, one of the partners, left and opened BoB's Beef Burger. Dad, of course thought the burger business was not the place to be, so he became a chemist. Nevertheless, we ate IN-N-OUT (original) recipe. You are very close on the ingredients, however, the cooking -IS- the secret. Back in the day, the meat was ground fresh that day, if not just before cooking. This is yet another vital part of making the burgers
Otis Grant  
Submitted on: 11/03/14
Good if you don't have a In n out close by,however make your own thousand island sauce
in-n-out burger
nicole(fair oaks,ca)  
Submitted on: 02/26/14
i really thought it was pretty dang close.not bad.
Submitted on: 09/02/13
I've been eating at In-N-Out since 1952 and the Snyder boys graduated from the same high school as me so I knew the family and grew up two miles from the second In-N-Out that went up in Covina, Calif. What this recipe failed big time with is that In-N-Out grills the buns in the fat of the burger on the grill.... they don't toast the buns. That way, the meat juices and fat get into the grilled buns and gives them that fabulous flavor from the excellent quality meat they use.
Not that great
Submitted on: 08/18/13
There's more to it than that and you can find better recipes online. For example, Todd leaves out the mustard while grilling. Todd usually does a great job, but not in this case. Those of us who actually eat In-N-Out regularly can just look at this recipe and know it will not come close.
For a Few Burgers More
A Fistful of Burgers  
Submitted on: 06/07/13
This recipe is almost spot on and can be perfected easily. 1. Buy buns at a local, non-supermarket bakery or make them yourself the day of consumption. (There are many recipes for buns, look for ones with sugar, lard or shortening, and whole milk to get the closest. Practice, practice, practice. A lot of the result depends on technique.) 2. Use 3 oz. of 60/40 hamburger from a local meat packager.
The guy  
Submitted on: 02/10/13
Secret is before they flip the burger they put Dijon mustard on top of the party and then flip it. Mustard cooks off but gives it the unique flavor you know and love.
David Lewis  
Submitted on: 04/28/12
Here is the secret.. you need a sponge dough bun to start, cook patties as shown above. The trick is dice up 1/2 cup white or red onions fine, and to hot pan with 1 tlbl spoon olive oil add 1/4 cup of good thousand island dressing, and 1 slice of cheese. cook on high heat stir until caramelized golden. Follow rest of recipe. That's as close as you will get! Enjoy!!
Nicia crosson  
Submitted on: 11/20/11
Ok most of the recipes are pretty spot on...however I am almost insulted that anyone could be convinced that this is a good substitute for an IN-N-OUT burger. This is a burger but not the even close to the real thing. Better luck next time.
Jeff in texas former californian  
Submitted on: 08/26/09
This recipe is spot on!! But I did realize something was missing; believe it or not the paper they wrap it in does effect the taste. So if you are serving it to friends or family buy the paper wrap at Sam's or Costco and wrap'em. Presentation is just as important.
Maxine Miller  
Submitted on: 02/08/09
You can't find a better burger anywhere. And for the price, well that even makes it better.
Jennifer in SoCal  
Submitted on: 12/26/08
Hey guys whats up. I work at In N Out Burger, and in my opinion this recipe is for just a plain out, home made hamburger. Whats so special about INO is more than just how the burger is made, but where it comes from. The meat tastes so great, because it is always fresh, it is NEVER frozen, so, even the ground beef you buy from the deli has been frozen at some point from when he cow was still alive, to the supermarket. The chucks of meat are frozen before it is processed. INO actually has its own farm, where all their produce are grown just for the company alone, and never sold to anyone else. If it helps the recipe at all though, might i suggest...and i dont even really know if im supposed to say this much, but the salt that is put on the burger is kind of a moist mixture of salt, pepper, and palm oil, and the buns we use are made from sponge sugar dough. And The fries, which are naturally cut right there where you can see are cooked in Cottonseed Oil, which is 100% cholesterol free. Kudos though for trying to re create the INO Double Double, but you just cant touch it... It's one of those things you put on you list of things to do before you die. Go there at least once and try a burger from In N Out! And THAT is what a hamburger is all about! LoL. Rating a 3 out of 5 for trying!
In-N-Out Lover  
Submitted on: 12/09/08
How would you make it ANIMAL STYLE at home?
Gringo in TJ  
Submitted on: 12/06/08
Kudos for figuring out that the stacking order is so critical. Also note that this recipe works better when the burgers are cooked on an electric griddle (assuming that a gas griddle can't be found) than in a frying pan.
Threejae in Ohio  
Submitted on: 11/13/08
A+ burger!!! I have been craving a west coast burger for about 9 months now, and this one takes me right back home!!! For best results, use a specialty bun, romain lettus and the best american cheese from your local deli. And as always slice your tomato's and your onions with love and very thin....Thanks a million!
In & Out Guru  
Submitted on: 10/23/08
I lived in CA for most of my life, and when I moved out to the east coast I was devistated. My Best Friend in California sent me this recipe... my god it was great. I'm having friends over this weekend, and I'm going to show them how a real burger tastes.
Submitted on: 10/15/08
This will do in a pinch but no way is it a real Double-Double. First off, not any bun will do. More research is needed.
Previous Employee of In & Out  
Submitted on: 10/05/08
Chuck G2 you do not know what you are talking about. They do not use Velveeta Cheese! They use a specialty cheese that is formulated to melt at higher temps! Velveeta would melt if you threw it on the sidewalk on a sunny day.
Submitted on: 09/15/08
This recipe is close enough if you can't get the real thing. One change is recommended though: In-and-Out uses Velveeta Cheese on their burgers.
Submitted on: 08/17/08
Wow...my sis in law told me about this recipe online. It rocks! I totally enjoyed making this and now when I'm jonesing for the best burger on the planet (sorry sis!) I make it. I always stop at In n Out when I'm out west, but next to Whata burger here in TX this at home monster burger is Alright!!
Submitted on: 01/29/08
If you've got an In-N-Out Double Double sitting next to this burger, you'll be able to tell the difference.If you live 500-miles away from the nearest In-N-Out, this makes a GREAT jones fix for a Double Double. I make 'em Animal Style. Also, I prep'd about 3# of meat and froze the patties with waxed paper between 'em. I know that In-N-Out wouldn't ever do this... but it's really fast to turn out a burger this way when I want one. Also, the stacking order really does make a difference. A+ to whoever wrote/figured out this recipe. :^D
Lucy, in CA  
Submitted on: 12/20/07
I think this recipe was great! I used my own home made Thousand Island instead of a store bought brand, and was amazed at how close this recipe came to the real thing. A+++
Submitted on: 09/04/07
I lived 30 of my 47 years in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. In-N-Out was the palce to go if you wanted a "real" burger. Now that I live in the Midwest, there are times when one of those big, messy burgers sound so good but we don't have In-N-Out here. This recipe is a pretty good copy, It's all in the stacking order. I add just a little more sweet relish to the Thousand Island, it gives the burger a little more zip, closer to a the real deal that way. I like making the fries with the skins still on just like In-N-Out, they really compliment the burgers. Thanks for the recipe.
Submitted on: 03/26/07
I just made this 4 my dad and I, and it was awesome! If you dont have 1,000 island on hand, Fooddownunder.com has some awesome recipes for it. Also, try putting diced mushrooms in the patty, it tastes great!
Submitted on: 11/15/06
I'm a So Cal native, but have been living in Sydney, Australia for nearly ten years... Pregnant with my first, I was CRAVING an In-N-Out burger -- and this recipe is AWESOME!! A true taste of home. Thank you!! :)
The Nine  
Submitted on: 08/01/06
I have never had a real double-double but this was by far the best burger i'v ever had.
Submitted on: 07/22/06
Its not the salt or pepper its, Lawrys Seasoned Salt. Cook as instruction say but use Seasoned Salt when cooking burger. Its hard to tell witch is real or homemade. Been cooking this way for yrs and taste's great
Submitted on: 02/15/06
The spread In-N-Out uses has lard (I know it sounds gross but it tastes good) and pickle in it. so the thousand Island isn't an exact duplicate :)
Submitted on: 02/07/06
GREAT..this has become a family favorite.
Submitted on: 01/19/06
Very good! Not quite the same, but for a person who lives on the east coast and can't get their hands on one... Close enough. Either way awesome burger!!! (add more pickle juice or relish to the 1,000 island dressing, and really slather it on.)
Bill Long  
Submitted on: 01/16/06
OK, so it's NOT exactly like what you get in the store. What if there IS NO IN-N-OUT STORE AROUND? I think it's fantastic to be able to make this at home. And you can take this recipe to friends and relatives in foreign countries, as I plan to do. It has everything there. I agree, if you are in the limited area of In-n-Out, by all means, buy it there. But if you can't go there, this is the next best thing!
Submitted on: 12/28/05
I have worked at INO (Paradise Valley, AZ) for 8 months now, and I have tried several times to duplicate our incredible taste but I don't believe it can be done. The ingredients are fresher than can normally be found and no meat patty is made the same way, so none taste the same. A home made In-N-Out Burger, just isn't the same. Besides, there wouldn't be any smiling assosciates to compliment the burger.
Submitted on: 11/29/05
In-N-out is a super, super one. Its hard to beat, but this is very close. Making me hungry, since I live in AZ. I can go get one. Sorry for the ones that can't go for one.
Submitted on: 11/14/05
The thousand island dressing doesn't realy taste like their special sauce. And nothig compares to their sponge dough bread although this recipe is tasty.
Submitted on: 11/01/05
recipe is on..couple things ... use fresh meat (chuck/sirloin mix) 70/30 make slices thin when you put the meat in the pan (iron is the best) top with a squirt of French's mustard wait 2-3 min then turn over grilling the mustard in to the meat on the second side... top with "top grade DELI" american cheese, that is very key... let the cheese smother the burgers (steam and melt) for another two, then stack accordingly, let it rest for atleast 2 minutes, it's as close as i got ever and i made them all day...
Heather B  
Submitted on: 10/30/05
I worked at INO for 2.5 years and even I couldn't make anything close. The buns are like no other (Puritan Bakery does a damn good job), no one will ever get the same sauce, plus the cheese tastes different than any other.
Submitted on: 10/26/05
Try adding a little pickle juice to make the salad dressing more "secret sauce-like." And yep, that just means pouring some of the juice out of the pickle jar and mixing with the dressing. I heard it works and makes the burger less bland and more authentic tasting.
Mark Gillis  
Submitted on: 10/25/05
I live in North Carolina now, but from the LA area, and boy do I miss In n Out (I go back yearly and get my In N Out fix), this was good but the real secret is in the buns!
Submitted on: 10/23/05
Blasphemy. You can never duplicate In-N-Out. I've been in Texas for 3 months and all I want is a double double...nothing even comes close to the original. Nice try, guys.
Tamara Nurmi  
Submitted on: 10/10/05
I found the missing link to making this a perfect IN-N-OUT burger. After you cook and stack as the recipe says, wrap the burger in a piece of wax paper and place on end as served in the drive-thru. All the juice and sauce runs to bottom and just like in the drive thru, the last bites are the best!! I have now made them twice and cannot tell the difference.
Submitted on: 10/08/05
I Make INO Burgers For A Living  
Submitted on: 10/07/05
I don't know why anyone would try and replicate an In-N-Out Burger DoubleDouble, You'll never get it right, because well...you'd have to figure it out, maybe sell your soul to find out, cause I'll never tell that's for damn sure.
Mike Rivas  
Submitted on: 09/10/05
Very Good Clone! Since I went vegetarian I have missed IN n OUT burger. I use a Boca Burger (Soy Pattie)instead but either way I find that if you mix some Mayonaise in with the Thousand Island it's even closer to the "secret sauce"...to me anyway. I also add the spread to the top bun.
Submitted on: 09/04/05
Please IN-N-OUT, Come to the Northwest!! When ever my husband and I get homesick for IN-N-OUT this recipe seems to take care of it but its still just not the same! We are both from the Baldwin Park, Ca area and reside now in Seattle.
James H Oregon  
Submitted on: 08/31/05
Very good, been making these for four years now, it's the best burger in the North West. But I do miss the drive up window of my favorite one in Norwalk, Ca.
Philip Henderson  
Submitted on: 08/19/05
Awesome clone, close but not quite, but as good as I can get. They've got to come out to the East Coast, there's nothing like In-N-Out in the Boston area. Are you listening, In-N-Out????
Submitted on: 08/16/05
There's something missing compared to In-and-Out
Submitted on: 07/29/05
It's a good hamburger, but it's not in-n-out.
Submitted on: 07/23/05
This is really, really close to an IN n OUT burger. I miss them now that I am in NY. They should move out here.
Rick Ataide  
Submitted on: 07/19/05
This really is a great clone!!!!!